Friday, April 4, 2014

Here's the latest ~


It's basically a scrapbook of  development art from The Mark of Kri and it's sequel Rise of the Kasai!
All the warts and blemishes. It's not all pretty or well drawn, and it's just my work, but I still wanted to share the intent of what we tried to do. One of which was to bring positive attention to what would soon be known as "The 2D Aesthetic".

It's just a sampling of various character designs, layouts, storyboards, mock-ups, thumbnails, etc.

I wish I could fit more work in but it gets kinda $pensive ;P
Ideally, the powers that be could make a legit "art of" book with ALL the artists work in it ;)

I hope some of you like it. If you liked the games it's a cool companion piece.
It's 108 pages, full color. I'm asking $30.
Drop me message with your email if you want one.
I should have them from the printer around mid-April.
My good friend Stuart Ng will carry them as well ~

Monday, March 31, 2014

Farewell FreeRealms and CloneWarsAdventures :(

SOE will be shutting them down at 6PM today. Bummers.
Better play them while you can and take plenny screenshots! :)
Here's some FreeRealms and CloneWarsAdventures vis-dev....


video video

Some unused CloneWars stuff....

video video


Yes... "Gungan" Style

And the never before seen unfinished "Beyoncé" dance...

There's more on this post as well:
(how do I make that clickable? Sory :P)

Thanks SOE for as long as they lasted! Great to work on and fun to play!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

:) Teaser.........

Here's a little tease of something I've been prepping for print....

I'll keep posting as to what it is and when it's done. 
Sometime this Spring ;)

Sunday, January 19, 2014


A Happy Birthday to my beautiful Wife! 
You are my best friend and my everything!
Have a great day Yubbug ~ 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Lady in the House!

Thought I'd start off the New Year with our baby.... dog. This is Lady :)

Yep, that cute.....

Monday, December 16, 2013

Shout-Out to Our Good Friend and his Ohana, Edwin Rosell: Artist Supremus :)

I'd just like to share the love for, and of, a very good friend and artist to many of us in the Vis-Dev Art community. Edwin Rosell. He's been a dominant fixture in the industry for years. He's dealing with a health issue right now. It's unfortunately a terminal one. He, his Wife Neenah and Daughter Tyler are strong and in good spirits considering the situation. I'd like to share some of his work with you instead of mine this time. His work and name will go on to inspire and intrigue other artists until the end of time. He's a great Artist, Husband, Father and friend.

Hey Rosell Ohana! Here's to you! From Halau O Na Ali'i ! Mele Kalikimaka!
Enjoy! We love you!!! ;)

~Kamehameha Trilogy with Waipuna

~Ku'u Hoa with Shadow Koko and Makaha Sons

~I'll Remember You with Makaha Sons

We all have reason to complain and fuss. Just remember to be grateful of all the things we have... and for those terrible things we don't have. Send good thoughts to those who have greater struggles than you and let's all love and appreciate and accept each other.... everyday.
May we all have a joyful and thoughtful Holiday! May it be filled with love and presence  :)