Friday, December 7, 2012

Latest Painting...

Here's the latest. It's two 16x20 canvas's side by side.
I think I'll name it, "Tatau Moemoea 1".

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disney's Clone Wars Adventures~

Since Disney recently bought the rights to everything LucasArts including CloneWarsAdventures,
the game we work on, I thought I'd finally share a few of the older concepts I did for it....

I primarily animate on the project now but during pre-vis I got to do some fun stuff.
Early on I suggested it'd be cool if Cad Bane had two trouble making Brothers that
made even him look sheepish. George wasn't down with it. Maybe Mickey'll like it :)
I'm still trying to get them to greenlight baby versions of lots of the StarWars/CloneWars beasties!
We all want a Rancor baby pet!! :p...
These two concepts were just at the top of one of the folders of billions of concepts for wearables and character suggestions. So.... 'oila~
Among the piles of weapons, costumes, vehicles, and other miscellanea are folders of housing designs and layouts. Here's a taste of a few of the earlier concepts:
       This is the original concept of the Jedi Lounge and below it is an unfinished drawing for part
        of the Jedi Officer's Lounge...
...and early concepts for various dwellings and living spaces:

I need to make a Deathstar with mouse ears now ;)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Halloween!!


Friday, September 28, 2012

From the Desk where millions of pencils and papers have died....

....... or lived, depending on the observer ;p...

This is the centerfold page to my sketchbook.
And yep. This is my actual desk and that's my actual lovely family and me in the top corner. Aw!:)
                                                                                    All the pictures are Photoshoppped on though.
And this little gentleman is one of my old character designs for The Mark of Kri/Rise of the Kasai ~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Happy Un-Birthday!!" :P

                                      Ran across some old birthday cards...

(.... apologies to Chris Sanders & Andreas Deja ;p)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Here's a little sumthin' for you Mark of Kri fans :)...

Big props to whoever took the time to put this together!! Too fun! I ran across it on YouTube.
It's the tiny flipbook animation from the bottom corner of The Mark of Kri video game manual.
Just a  fun, rough, little-quicky space filler ;P

Monday, July 16, 2012

Comic-Con '12! Jeff Merghart THANKS YOU! :)

Thank you to everyone who got my sketchbook!! Thank you for all the kind words from so many colleagues I've always admired! A special thank you to Stuart Ng for carrying the book (right on the front table no less! Woo!) Thanks again to Dave Wilkins, Peter Han and especially George Davis for letting my book take up space on their tables and for harassing me into this. And thanks to my lovely Wifey for giving me up for 5 days.
   Made plenty great new friends, saw plenty great old friends! If I do it next year I'll try to have some prints and a new sketchbook. Time, and money, will tell ;) 'Til then, I'll try to keep some art posted.


Tis the season of 'ori Tahiti folks! Tahitian dance competitions! Here's some pre-vis stuff I did last year for one of the local events. The one with the Guards on each side are half eels based on the legend of Manureva~

Monday, July 2, 2012

Comic-Con Location Update!!

I will have my sketchbooks available at Stuart Ng's Books in section 5012 and George Davis' table: P-14 in the small press area. Thank you Stuart! Thanks George! Also, at the table of another pair of great artists Dave Wilkins and Peter Han in Artist's Alley EE-23 and 24. Thanks so much guys!!Thanks again for all the interest! I hope I have enough books for everyone! ~ 60 pages of the unruly offspring of my pencil and paper! N'joy ;)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

First things first:

                                         Meet the love of my life, my beautiful Wife ...
                                                       ... and our lovely Daughters.

                                                ( ....... don't even think about it!!)

                                                ........... Okay. Now you can has art ~     :)

                  Here you go...My NEW (FIRST) SKETCHBOOK ~

                  Available at Comic-Con 2012! Locations and details to follow.

                  'Til then here are some teasers.....

                                                                    ... Hello old friend ~

And, here's my ............