Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fantasy Projects 1 Continued.....

I threw some color on Henry and Tennessee. Also got a quick sketch of Fred. 
More old drawings from my Fantasy Project to come :)

I forgot Gomer this time. He'll be one of the next ones.

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!!

I like everyone else's posts of their home work areas so I thought I'd share mine! :)
I dreamed of it forever and as soon as our oldest Daughter started talking about moving out I got the materials and by the morning after she moved out... voila!

                     It's a nice room for us to chill and talk, do homework, read, whatevers. :)

Ya... I cheated. I vacuumed and dusted first, and pushed all the loose papers back into their folders and corners. (I think there's a dog sleeping under the futon.) In a corner of the garage are the bins and boxes of art, animation, model sheets, posters, production art and toys that don't fit in here.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fantasy Projects 1:

Most of us in our field have our Dream/Fantasy projects. Some of the labors of love that eat away at my brain are redesigning and animating the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz singing, "If I Were King of the Forest" (one of the juiciest voice recordings to animate ever!!!) and the music video for Scatman Crothers version of Ghost Riders in the Sky just to name 2 of a zillion mental obsessions. 
BUT! the one at the very top of that list, is to animate the Country Bear Jamboree straight to the recording! Yeah! Right?!! 

I know you can all see the boards in your heads already! I do!! Anyways..... I ran across some of my sketches and boards for it I did a way back and wanted to share my madness. One of my concerns was what amount of Marc Davis's concepts and the final design to use? Just animate Marc's stuff straight? Or a hybrid? I'm thinking hybrid-ish. These are early sketches of Henry (with a little Big Al at the bottom). I'll post more of them soon. Maybe Little 'Ol Tenessee Bear and Gomer next :)