Friday, September 28, 2012

From the Desk where millions of pencils and papers have died....

....... or lived, depending on the observer ;p...

This is the centerfold page to my sketchbook.
And yep. This is my actual desk and that's my actual lovely family and me in the top corner. Aw!:)
                                                                                    All the pictures are Photoshoppped on though.
And this little gentleman is one of my old character designs for The Mark of Kri/Rise of the Kasai ~


  1. Hey Jeff,

    Got a copy of your book the other day when Stuart Ng had a stall at work for an art fair that we had. Totally blown away!

    Any chance you heading out to CTN this year?


    1. Hi Mike! I'm really glad you like it! I'm so humbled by the response it's getting! :)
      Ya... Stuart told me it went well. I would've liked to go!
      I want to go to CTN but not sure if I'll be in town yet. I've always wanted to go but never been.
      I'll have to find out the details, wish me luck.

      Thanks again for your comment!
      Hope to meet you sometime!