Monday, March 23, 2015


Back from Hawai'i! 
Ready to post stuff, but first a little shout out to some of our uber
talented nieces and nephews on Oahu!
We had dinner at our good friend's and family's house, Eric and Marlene Keawe, and some of their Kids and Grandkids. Some of the Grandkids: Malie (11), Iosepa (10), Ziona (7) and Enosa Lyman (6) and their cousin Denahi Pool (2) had a little kanikapila jam session and blew our minds and stole our hearts!! 
The kind of aloha some people will only dream of. 
Some of the sweetest, most respectful, cultured, brightest, beautiful and
talented kids you will ever meet. 
Afterall..... their Great Grandma is Aunty Genoa Keawe. (Google her ;3)

I made this drawing of the kids after we left then thought I'd add a background and a couple "friends"....
(Sitka is their Pug, And the background is compliments of Sitka's friend's movie ;p)

OH! Congrats to Malie! Won Island Cooking Competition!! Chee-hoo!! :D
We love you guys!! Ahui hou!


  1. Will this be in the next "Jeff Merghart Artbook"? There's going to be a next one right? :)
    Gustavo Pabon

    1. Nah... the pictures just for the kids :)
      'Nother sketchbook? Time and money willing! lol! Time and money....

  2. Aloha and Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo Jeff! Our mo'opuna will remember this always. You are the best. Hey, I have the other mo'opuna who do haka. May I ask you to add them in doing the Haka? We have a video of them doing the haka. It would be so classic. No forget the two babies Kohana and Velzy Boy. Hahaha! Sorry for pushing the Aloha! It's okay if cannot. :)

  3. Aloha Kakahiaka Handsome! Hahah!!
    I nevah' foget the babies, I was gonna sketch 'em out with you on your paddleboard! So suprise!! LOL! Just no mo' time fo do 'em yet :P
    Send Donna the haka video, I'll add it to da' list.

    Aloha no, Malama pono ~

  4. Jeff, you are so funny, OKAY, I'm surprised! Sorry to blow it! I'll share the video of the boys doing the Haka! That's Sanoe's keiki's in New Zealand. Mahalo my brother! When can, if can can, if no can no can! LOL!

  5. Replies
    1. It's you guys's! Do what you like ;)
      (I get printouts and a disc for you too.)