Saturday, July 4, 2015

SDCC 2015!!! Kriation Sketchbook!!! Country Bear Nation!!! OH MY!!!

It's Comicon time again!!! Woohoo!
Look for Kriation - art of The Mark of Kri sketchbook at Stuart Ng's again this year! 
("Thanks Stuart!!")

AND.... two of my (in progress ) series of Country Bear Nation Postcards floating around the Con as well!

It's my passive aggressive attempt to get a proper Country Bear Jamboree project made or
get the show revived!! ;)
Here's some of the wips and thumbnails....


  1. Awesome! Have a great time at the Con dude. :)
    Gustavo Pabon

  2. I'd love to buy one of those Kri-ation sketchbooks. If they're available, my email's Thanks!