Monday, October 12, 2015

Shamu Feature and TV special...

Back to the late ‘80s with some dev art done for a TV special and pretty cool feature film based around Shamu. The story was kinda’ like X-Flies meets Jaques Cousteau (Google him kids ;p)
If I get to it I’ll scan in the controversial art that contributed to it never getting completed.


  1. Love all your work! Is it possible to purchase one of your sketchbooks? My email is if that helps.

  2. These looks great! I never knew there was an animated Shamu special and animated in development in the late '80's.

  3. Now I'll add this too one of my animated movie development list! I plan to revive hand drawn animation into movies at my future animation studio. I am currently studying to become an animator.

    This movie has a lot of potential! Maybe someday, I would convince SeaWorld to return to this project and release it, and maybe make an all-new traditional 2D animated feature based on Shamu and other marine creatures.

    I loved going to SeaWorld as a kid and I myself was born in San Diego.

    1. Hi Kamal!
      Thanks for the kid words man!
      You let me know if you get them to revisit this. I still keep in contact with one of the directors and he's still in San Diego too.
      Bringin 2-D back is all of our goal! ;)
      All the best!