Monday, July 16, 2012

Comic-Con '12! Jeff Merghart THANKS YOU! :)

Thank you to everyone who got my sketchbook!! Thank you for all the kind words from so many colleagues I've always admired! A special thank you to Stuart Ng for carrying the book (right on the front table no less! Woo!) Thanks again to Dave Wilkins, Peter Han and especially George Davis for letting my book take up space on their tables and for harassing me into this. And thanks to my lovely Wifey for giving me up for 5 days.
   Made plenty great new friends, saw plenty great old friends! If I do it next year I'll try to have some prints and a new sketchbook. Time, and money, will tell ;) 'Til then, I'll try to keep some art posted.


  1. Hey Jeff, Picked up your book at comic-con-- tis wonderful. Would like to get a couple more as gifts for friends... where is it available? Checked Stuart's site-- can't seem to find it.

  2. Thanks Ted!! I have a couple stashed away and am printing more as we speak :) I emailed you so you can email me back your address and how many you want. Thanks again! Hope to hear from you soon~