Monday, July 2, 2012

Comic-Con Location Update!!

I will have my sketchbooks available at Stuart Ng's Books in section 5012 and George Davis' table: P-14 in the small press area. Thank you Stuart! Thanks George! Also, at the table of another pair of great artists Dave Wilkins and Peter Han in Artist's Alley EE-23 and 24. Thanks so much guys!!Thanks again for all the interest! I hope I have enough books for everyone! ~ 60 pages of the unruly offspring of my pencil and paper! N'joy ;)


  1. Hey Jeff, just picked up your sketchbook, amazing stuff!! I had no idea you worked on "mark of kri", I loved the style of that game and the manual for it still sits on my shelf to this day!


    1. Thanks so much! Kri was our first video game for some of us! We had fun trying to see what we could get away with ;P (You'll like what I'm gonna post later this week.)
      Thanks for picking up the book!I'm glad you like it!

  2. A friend showed me your sketchbook this it! Especially the monsters — do you have any left to sell? Hate that I missed you at SDCC!


  3. You're too kind! Thanks, my Wife and I are fans of yours as well! :) I'll email about the books ~