Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sanctuary! Sanctuary!!

I like everyone else's posts of their home work areas so I thought I'd share mine! :)
I dreamed of it forever and as soon as our oldest Daughter started talking about moving out I got the materials and by the morning after she moved out... voila!

                     It's a nice room for us to chill and talk, do homework, read, whatevers. :)

Ya... I cheated. I vacuumed and dusted first, and pushed all the loose papers back into their folders and corners. (I think there's a dog sleeping under the futon.) In a corner of the garage are the bins and boxes of art, animation, model sheets, posters, production art and toys that don't fit in here.


  1. Now that's what I call a studio. Everyone needs some space to let their creativity flow. Great space bro.

    Gustavo Pabon

    1. Thanks man! It works pretty good for me!
      Except when we have company ..... they usually sleep on that futon :P haha!

  2. I love seeing peoples studio! I need to update mine!