Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fantasy Projects 1 Continued.....

I threw some color on Henry and Tennessee. Also got a quick sketch of Fred. 
More old drawings from my Fantasy Project to come :)

I forgot Gomer this time. He'll be one of the next ones.


  1. Happy happy joy joy on turkey day bro.

    Gustavo Pabon

  2. Hey Jeff!

    This is Jason Klein in San Diego. My creative parter and I are the guys who design the character mascots and logos for Major and Minor League Baseball teams at our studio here in Liberty Station.

    We both grew up in La Mesa and also went to Helix High School!

    As a HUGE Country Bear Jamboree I stumbled across your site - and love your work. How can I purchase one of your books?!


  3. Hey Jeff how are things going for you? Please send me an e-mail Dave Kuhfal former Helix classmate (

  4. O my! You are waaay to kind!
    But thank you very much!! :)

  5. Wow, awesome work! These blow my Country Bear drawings out of the water!

    1. Oh, no! Thank you very much, but I saw your blog and I love your work! You definitely captured the essence of the Bears too! Great, great stuff! Thanks again and all th ebest to you! :)

  6. These are great!! Really wish the whole show could be animated traditionally sometime.